Project is Placed On Hold

This project is being placed on hold due to the recent water drainage, flood and crime issues in New Orleans.

This project may resume in the future with another location in another state.

We Have Answers

Well we have better answers today. I did get them directly from the source that needed to tell me the answers. 1) There is not another theme park in the picture. That turns out to be sheer rumors.

2) We cannot be guaranteed that a competing business wouldn’t make an offer while we are in development before round financing.

Therefore, we will proceed with my plan to put together two park projects – a Plan A and a Plan B.

If something turns out not to be in the best interest of Plan A, we move to Plan B.

Stayed Tuned for Updated on Verve – Crescent City Theme Park & Resort

I literally started building this site one day ago. Stay tuned in the new couple of weeks for lots of additions and expansions to the site.